Washington County UT TIF Grant & Loan Fund Awards 2010

$15,000 planning grant to Marion Transfer Station for a feasibility study for increasing recycling, including preliminary site design, market research, and business plan. One job will be created when recycling goes into effect. (Total project budget: $31,000)

$49,500 Grant to the Downeast Lakes Land Trust, based in Grand Lake Stream, for road and culvert improvements in the Wabassus Lake Tract in T43 MD. This project is part of a joint effort with the Maine Bureau of Public Lands to preserve access for numerous hunting, fishing, and canoeing guides and the public in the Machias River watershed between Route 9 and Grand Lake Stream. Ten construction jobs will be created or retained and the project will help support over 40 guiding and wood harvesting jobs. (Total project budget: $284,785)

$1,150 Grant to Clean Earth Farms of Jonesboro to ascertain the need for raised bed gardens by UT residents. One temporary, half-time position was created.

$100,000 Grant over three years to Cobscook Community Learning Center of Trescott for the capital campaign to build Heartwood Lodge. The building project will create or retain numerous construction jobs with local contractors. When complete, the Lodge will support 4.6 new jobs. (Total project budget: $2.2 million)

$15,000 Grant to Eagle Mountain Guide Service of Otis to assist with the purchase of the former Wilderness Lodge on Rte. 9 in T24 MD. This will create or save a minimum of 2.5 jobs in the first year and enable the per diem hiring of local hunting and fishing guides. (Total project budget: $80,000)

$10,000 Grant to Tidewalker Engineering of Trescott to assist with research for a small tidal power project in Trescott. Two full-time-equivalent jobs are being created or retained.(Total project budget: $45,000)

$9,760 Grant to Sunrise County Solar of Trescott for equipment purchase. The company will perform high-tech energy audits for local residents and work on developing home wind turbines and solar energy panels. 1.5 jobs to be created.(Total project budget: $28,510)

$10,000 planning grant to the Forest Society of Maine to help fund a study of the Baskahegan watershed in T8 R4, T8 R3, Brookton, Forest, and Kossuth Townships for the Stetson Mountain Fund Committee. The results will be used to plan nature-based tourism improvements in northern Washington County. One full-time-equivalent job was created for the period of the study. (Total project budget: $20,000)