Washington County UT TIF Grant & Loan Fund Awards - 2011


$19,675 Grant to home-based Tide Mill Creamery of Edmunds to assist with expansion of production capabilities to meet market demand for yogurt and cheese products they produce. Jobs: will provide for 2 – 2.5 FTE positions (Total project budget: $62,753)

$98,980 Grant to support the Brookton and Forest City Broadband expansion project. This was a 1:1 match to a ConnectME grant award and will provide access to over 160 homes and businesses in a previously unserviced region. (Total project budget: $197,960)

$25,000 Grant to Wayne and Sandra Jones of WS Transport in Trescott to help leverage the purchase of trucking equipment. Jobs: 1.5 to start, with possibility of additional 1.5. (Total project budget: $65,000 to $70,000)

$15,000 Grant to Coast of Maine Organic Products of Marion to assist with construction of a communications tower. One dispatcher will be sited at Marion and improved communications will allow for the creation of additional jobs at the site. (Total project budget: $31,275)

$7,000 planning grant to Tide Mill Organics of Edmunds to examine feasibility of and plan for expansion to poultry processing facilities. (Total project budget: $9,000)

$26,400 Grant to Tide Mill Organics of Edmunds for expansion of organic, pastured chicken production. Jobs: 1.5 FTE will be created to start. (Total project budget: $163,270)

$16,000 Grant to Maine Coast Heritage Trust and Downeast Rivers Land Trust for a study to collect data on converting large blueberry acreages to organic production in Trescott and T25 MD. This is the first year of a four-year study. A part-time research coordinator and seasonal hand-labor crew will be hired. (Total project budget, year one: $96,800)

$50,000 Grant and $50,000 Loan to Cobscook Bay Seafood Co./Maine Fresh of Trescott to help expand markets for seafood pies. Ten jobs with benefits will be retained through ensuring that production continues, with plans to add more jobs as markets expand. A marketing expert will be hired to carry out aspects of the plan. (Project budget: $400,000)