Washington County UT TIF Grant & Loan Fund Awards - 2012


$75,000 Grant to Cobscook Bay Company to purchase equipment and to assist with marketing efforts for their seafood pie manufacturing facility in Trescott. (Total project budget: $125,000)

$76,050 Grant to install fiber to the home (FTTH) high-speed internet service in Big Lake Township. Matching funds for this project were secured by Pioneer Broadband through the ConnectME program. (Total project budget: $152,100)

$9,475 Grant to Chandler’s Sugar Shack, a family-operated maple syrup producer in Kossuth Twp. These funds will be used to purchase equipment to diversify their product line and sap collection capability. (Total project budget: $18,950)

$4,000 Grant to Kenneth Winiarski III and Dave Conley to upgrade, maintain, and promote the public campsites and boat landing on Baskahegan Lake in Brookton Twp. (Total project budget: $7,985)

$23,500 Grant to Maine Coast Heritage Trust (MCHT) to support the second year of a research and demonstration project to transition approximately eighty (80) acres of commercial blueberry land to organic management and production. (Project budget, year two: $70,500)

$10,000 planning grant to Dr. Karen Miller and Pegasus Planning to analyze the economic and market feasibility of constructing and operating an eco-tourist village in Trescott. (Total project budget: $24,000)