Washington County UT TIF Grant & Loan Fund Awards - 2013


$75,000 Grant to Brian Bell of Edmunds to assist with the purchase of a multi-function timber harvester and forwarder. This piece of equipment is very efficient and intended for selective cutting/low impact land management. (Total project budget: $225,000)

$40,000 Grant and $45,000 Loan to Tide Mill Creamery in Edmunds to assist with construction of a new creamery building to enable increased cheese and yogurt production and to allow for diversification of the products they produce and sell. (Total project budget: $240,000)

$31,500 Grant and $37,000 Loan to WS Transport, a freight hauling business based in Trescott Twp. The company will diversify existing operations through the acquisition and expansion of a successful freight brokerage agency and will now operate as WS Transport and Logistics, Inc. (Total project budget: $73,000)

$8,860 Grant to Downeast Salmon Federation (DSF) to assist with restoration of the Machias River Wigwams camp in Township 25. With support from the Cobscook Community Learning Center, DSF will implement a variety of programming focused on habitat restoration, public education and skills development. The facility will also be made available for rent to area guides and river users. (Total project budget: $28,500)

$4,550 Grant to Maine Coast Heritage Trust (MCHT) for the third and final year of a pilot project in Trescott on best practices for growing organic blueberries on large acreages. Study results will be published as a resource guide and made available to the public. (2013 project budget: $9,100)

$1,775 Grant to construct several public campsites along Baskahegan Stream in Brookton and Kossuth. This project is part of a larger effort to encourage responsible use of the resource including maintenance and marketing of available sites and boat landings. (Total project budget: $4,975)