The Washington County Budget Advisory Committee was established to recommend and review an annual budget to the county commissioners.

Washington County's fiscal year runs from January 1 to December 31 of each year.

Current Budget Committee members, and the year in which their terms expire.

District 1
Billy Howard, 2019
    Rick Bronson, 2018
Tom Mulholland, 2020

   District 2
Meghan Dennison, 2019
Renee Gray, 2018
Elaine Abbott, 2020

District 3
Richard Fickett, 2019
Lisa Hanscom, 2018
Lewis Pinkham, 2020 


Contact List

Membership Guidelines

Basic Guidelines: Under State law members of the county budget committee are chosen by the municipal officers from each county commissioner district. Only municipal officers and members of the Washington County legislative delegation can be on the committee.

Election: Municipal officers from each commissioner district meet to elect at least one member to the budget committee prior to September 15. The county commissioner for that district presides over the meeting.

Term: Budget committee members serve for three year terms, but must be replaced if they leave municipal government.

If a member vacates his municipal office -- for any reason --  his position on the budget committee is filled at the next caucus. The replacement will fulfill the remainder of the term.

Legislative Member: Every year the legislative delegation -- that is, all members of the State Legislature with districts covering Washington County -- elects one of their own members to serve on the budget committee. (30-A, MRSA, sec 900-B)

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