Washington County Emergency Management operates under the Maine & Federal Emergency Management Agencies -- MEMA & FEMA.

However, Emergency Management is also under the authority of the county commissioners, though it is subsidized in part by MEMA.

Emergency Management offers Washington County communities a central source for emergency preparedness information and training.


    The four points of focus for Emergency Management are:

  • Mitigation: the process of planning to reduce the occurrence or the severity of a hazard.
  • Preparedness: the planning needed to be able to effectively respond to an incident with he proper equipment and trained personnel in order to reduce injuries or property damage.
  • Response: the actual reaction to an incident to bring it to an end as quickly and safely as possible.
  • Recovery: the coordination and planning necessary to help the area return to its normal activities with as little disruption for as short a time as possible.


Each of Maine's sixteen counties has their own emergency management agency (EMA) which operate under MEMA on the state level and FEMA on the national level, to provide emergency management services and awareness.

Emergency Management works with each community's local emergency management director to help deliver vital services in case of a large scale emergency.

On a day-to-day basis, Emergency Management:

  • provides a central command center in case of a large scale emergency.
  • works with communities to revise and update their emergency plans.
  • develops an extensive contact database of municipal officials in Washington County.
  • notifying communities of training and grant opportunities offered on the State and Federal level.
  • distributing information to communities on general safety issues.



Hazard Mitigation Plan 2012 Revision
Emergency Operations Plan
2016 Homeland Security Grant Documents


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