Solid Waste Management

The following outlines the 2007 Solid Waste Management Plan for the Unorganized Territories of Washington County.  This plan will be disseminated to the citizens and go into effect on 8 JUN 07.

The 2007 Solid Waste Management Plan:

No curbside pickup

Designated transfer stations

Transportation of waste is responsibility of citizen

Grace period: June 8 – July 1; ID as UT citizen; no tipping fee paid

User permits required on July 1; available at UT office in Machias.

Send name and address with request for user permit to PO Box 297, Machias, Maine 04654

Tipping fee paid by UT at designated stations with user permit

Commercial haulers require a commercial user permit issued by the UT.

Send name and address for request for permit to PO Box 297, Machias, Maine 04654

The 2007 Solid Waste Management Plan only addresses household waste. Any other form of waste (construction, tires, metal, wood, etc) is the responsibility of the citizen, both transport and disposal cost.

Designated Transfer Stations:

Brookton Twp;  Forest City Twp;  Forest Twp;  Kossuth Twp: The Danforth Transfer Station.

Edmunds Twp;  Trescott Twp;  Marion Twp; Cathance Twp: The Marion Transfer Station.

Lambert Lake Twp: The Vanceboro Transfer Station.

Day Block Twp: The Machias Transfer Station.  No user permit is necessary but the transfer station requires bags to be purchased at the station.

Big Lake Twp:  The Baileyville Transfer Station.

Twp # 6 & Greenlaw Chopping Twp:  The Grand Lake Stream Transfer Station.  The Waste is hauled to Baileyville Transfer Station.


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