Contact Us

Commissioners’ Office:

Commissioner Chris Gardner (Chair) [email protected]

Commissioner Vinton Cassidy [email protected]

Commissioner John Crowley [email protected]

County Manager’s Office:

Betsy Fitzgerald [email protected]

Administrative Assistant Carla Manchester [email protected]

Sheriff’s Office:

Sheriff Barry Curtis [email protected]

Paula Johnson-Rolfe Office Manager [email protected]

Regional Communications Center [email protected]

Treasurer’s Office:

Jill Holmes, Treasurer [email protected]

Marie Chute, Accounts Payable Clerk [email protected]

Sondra Small, Finance Clerk[email protected]

Registry of Probate

Register of Probate Carlene Holmes [email protected]

Deputy Register of Probate John Woodward [email protected]

Probate Clerk [email protected]

Registry of Deeds:

Register of Deeds Sharon Strout [email protected]

Unorganized Territories:

Supt. Dean Preston [email protected]

Emergency Management:

Lisa M. Hanscom, Director [email protected]
Christine Day, Deputy Director [email protected]

District Attorney:

                               District Attorney Matthew Foster  [email protected]

                               Machias Office: [email protected]

                               Calais Office: [email protected]

                               Ellsworth Office: [email protected]